How to Keep Saint Petersburg Alligators Away

According to experts the chances of being attacked by a dog or even by a deranged cow is more likely to occur than being attacked negatively by a Saint Petersburg alligator. They prefer other animal’s meat such as raccoon or deer than human meat though chances are very slim, it is better to be prepared than sorry. These are simple tips in order to prevent negative contact with an alligator

I. Tangible protection
a) If one is a resident of any bodies of water where Florida gators usually reside, putting up fences surrounding your home is a good way to set boundaries between you and the gators.
b) Some people opt to start their fences nearer the bodies of water or just around several feet from the water’s edge.
c) Some made sure that their water fences is at the water level or is much higher than the water for additional precaution
d) The choice of fence material is also important. The more sturdy the material the more likely that it will not get damaged by factors such as water current and composition.
e) Ideally stainless materials for fences are much sturdier than wood. Just make sure that the stainless material you are using is rust resistant so that it will not be easily destroyed when exposed to water.
f) Concrete fences are also suggested since they are much sturdier than wood fences and are more water resistant.

II. Seeking help from experts
a) If an event that there will be an exposure to Saint Petersburg alligators it is best to seek aid from experts or person much knowledgeable than you are.
b) If you are a proprietor in an area where Florida gators reside or just a visitor in that certain place and in an event that there will be a threat or panic because of the gators presence, it is best to contact the nearest wildlife agency or any office that deals effectively with alligators.
c) Rather than trying to solve or make your way out of the threatening situation, let the experts handle it for you.
d) It is also beneficial to educate one’s self if threatening situation arise and help is not easily access. Ask experts of the do’s and don’ts about alligators. It is also better to gather information from books or the internet about facts regarding this situation.

III. Minding your own business
a) The best way to keep away from threat of Saint Petersburg alligator harm is to just stay away from them.
b) Stay away from bodies of water that are possible homes for alligator most especially the month of May wherein they mate and breed. During this time that gators are more aggressive and at their most harmful.

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